EAA Chapter


The Greatest

Little Airshow

Tarkio, MO

Attention: All vehicles, aircraft and automobile, will be parking on grass surfaces.  Please plan accordingly and use caution when moving about the field.

Pilots please be sure to check NOTAMs prior to departing for Tarkio.

We are a 501(c)(3) group and we are seeking donations for our WWII cadet pilot training museum. We are looking for a two place tail dragger project such as a Taylorcraft, Interstate, Piper, Aeronca, etc as well as many parts for aircraft and items used by pilots in training or flying for our museum. The museum is dedicated to WWII Pilot Training and Civilian Pilot Training. The donation would be tax deductible. Please contact Brooks Hurst at 816-244-6927 or Ryan Harms at 816-244-0747.